"Crime Does Pay"

Q Puzzle


1 Opposite of erect

5 Reinaldo Arenas' Peter

10 Apple that isn't a fruit

14 How far up it goes (abbr.)

15 Lorca's "Later!"

16 Gay-friendly Barrett

17 Belle's companion

18 Hose down

19 Where to see sweaty athletes

20 Patricia Cornwell's medical examiner character Kay

22 John of "Billy Elliot: The Musical" fame

23 Many, many moons

24 Like the Everglades

25 Snow White's dwarfs, e.g.

28 Rita of "West Side Story"

30 " ___-a-Porter" (film of 4-Down)

31 Decline

33 Pull out your shooter

36 Shakespearean verb ending

37 Came upon

38 "Cats" inspirer's monogram

39 Bottomless

41 Cheek

43 Anthropologist Margaret

44 They work with your stones

46 Eats noisily

48 Bear or bull

50 One side of Ed Wood

51 Throng of people

52 Lucy, lesbian niece of 20-Across

57 Former Vibe editor Wilbekin

58 Hung picture of the well-hung

59 Layer beneath two plastic brides

60 Hair of a stallion

61 Kathy of "Primary Colors"

62 Poet ___ Wu

63 Actor John of "Nowhere" and "Flawless"

64 Upright erection

65 Take home


1 Stonewall Jackson's boys

2 Actor Mapa

3 "Chicago"'s Catherine ___-Jones

4 Rupert of "Stage Beauty"

5 Heather's two mommies, e.g.

6 Cuts

7 By ___ of (owing to)

8 Painter Bonheur

9 Fruit sugar ending

10 Feminist Patricia

11 Patricia Cornwell's first novel about 20-Across

12 Where to hop, to Dr. Seuss

13 Kaye of "Hans Christian Anderson"

21 Mary Cheney's partner Heather

22 Mary's little lamb, perhaps

24 Sign of a Broadway hit

25 Moved one's ass

26 Irish tongue

27 Name of detective in Patricia Cornwell's series

28 Linda Richman portrayer Mike

29 Where to see "Ugly Betty"

32 Pious ejaculation

34 Lickety-split (abbr.)

35 Becomes husband and husband

40 Spanks

41 Edvard Grieg's land (abbr.)

42 "Total ___ "

43 Memoirist Paul

45 Go out with

47 Type of party for women

48 Main melody in a musical

49 Caesar, for one

50 Oliver wanted more of it

52 Auto of Pasolini's land

53 Stud fee?

54 Performance artist Kron

55 "Maude" producer

56 Club for Patty Sheehan

58 "Teletubbies" airer in the U.S.

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