Words to Live Bi


1 Bea sitcom

6 Aid's partner

10 Mardi ___

14 Had title to

15 Festive fete

16 C&W gay fave McEntire

17 Start of the disadvantage of being bisexual, per Bernard Manning

20 Soft seat

21 Area of Amelia Earhart

22 Uncle Sam's mail org.

24 Linked with

25 Barbra's "Funny Girl" guy

28 Bird over P'town

31 Causeless Dean character

33 Playground retort

34 Article for Frida

37 Light, woody material

38 More of the disadvantage

39 "Gone with the Wind" guy

41 Porky's place

42 E.M. Forster's "Where Angels Fear to ___ "

44 Guy with three ho's?

45 Earphones

47 1966 Joe Orton play

48 Go back to homophobic views, e.g.

51 "Rocky Horror"'s ___ Raff

53 Worshiping Caleb Johnson, perhaps?

56 A.D. part

60 End of the disadvantage

62 Andrew Van de Camp, for one

63 First name in stunts

64 Hamilton Burger to Perry Mason, usually

65 Alan of "And the Band Played On"

66 Opening for cheap

67 Make noise in bed


1 Crowds at the Stonewall riots

2 ___ bit (slightly)

3 Body of soldiers

4 Old people may take them out for a blow job

5 Rims

6 Hawk-chicken difference

7 Like California, in Mexico

8 How far up it goes (abbr.)

9 "Annals" author-historian

10 Fairy-tale daughter

11 Took advantage of a decorator

12 Monks' head

13 Decline

18 Muscle Mary stat

19 Suit makers

23 Like drag queen nylons of old

25 Heavenly balls

26 Sexual partners, crudely

27 With skill

29 Calculation for carpet layers

30 It may be reassigned

32 Toward the side

34 Host before Fallon

35 Comics dog that goes either way?

36 9 inches, e.g.

40 One butt cheek?

43 Shook up

45 Montana's capital

46 Like half of the Odd Couple

48 Gay rodeo accessory

49 Ford lemon that was not fruitful

50 Promised

52 Birdcage dwellers

54 Sitarist Shankar

55 North Sea feeder

57 Britney Spears' "___ Curious"

58 Not e'en once

59 Opening noted at the office

61 Short-order sandwich for porkers?

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Former Chrysler Executive Talks Workplace Inclusivity

As an openly gay man, Fred Hoffman said, "I really didn't know if there would be an issue." And while he wasn't waving rainbow flags when he was recruited by Chrysler in 1988, he was told being gay wasn't a problem.

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