I Hate Everyone... Starting With Me


1 Gladiator's defense

6 "I Hate Everyone... Starting with Me" author Rivers

10 Puts the tongue between the cheeks

14 Port city north of Tel Aviv

15 River in Roehm's country

16 Auth. unknown

17 Circuit party, e.g.

18 ___ ex machina

19 Adriatic seaport

20 Composer Gian Carlo hated by Rivers?

22 In a stall

24 Bi plus one

25 Author Herman hated by Rivers?

26 Get ready for a Broadway show

30 Dusk, to Dickinson

31 Cells for women only

32 Cola choice

34 Muscle Marys pump it

38 Singer Etheridge hated by Rivers?

40 Singer Freddie hated by Rivers?

43 Mapa of "Switched at Birth"

44 '60s jacket style

46 Match a poker bet

47 Stalling sounds

50 Photo of a bare bottom?

52 Shakespearean character hated by Rivers?

56 Long in code

57 Aroused in bed

58 Songwriter Stephin hated by Rivers?

62 Big beer buy

63 Top of the head

65 Singing Mann

66 Katharine's Butch Cassidy role

67 "That was close!"

68 Nun influenced by St. Francis

69 Clothing closure

70 Years on end

71 Popular hero of Lorca's land


1 Deep throat sound

2 Like a great review on Broadway

3 Deportment

4 Deserving attention

5 Dilapidated places

6 Knight protecting Princess Leia

7 "Stick that bull!"

8 Manhandle

9 Lesbian Herstory Archives co-founder Joan

10 Like Steven Greenberg

11 As a whole

12 Gourmet mushroom

13 Nastily derogatory

21 Rubbers on rims

23 Greeting to Maria

25 Month in Madrid

26 Caesar's city

27 Stunt man Knievel

28 In the pink

29 Nine inches

33 Point of view intro, at Gay.com

35 Come too quickly

36 Bite it

37 Nikita's no

39 Split stuff

41 Wash out

42 Emulate George Frenn

45 Alt-rock genre

48 Pirates' drink

49 Plain in Nureyev's country

51 Penetrating

52 Assaults with a spray

53 Tickle pink

54 Bob Marley, e.g.

55 "My Own Private ___ "

58 Output from small pussies

59 Apple that isn't a fruit

60 Polo of "The Fosters"

61 Angry, with "off"

64 Caesar's X

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