Garrett Miller Releases 'Gay Wedding,' Adaption Of Billy Idol's 'White Wedding'

Los Angeles - Wedding bells will be ringing this summer for many in the LGBT community and in singer Garrett Miller's first single off of his new album, "Blond Jesus." Celebrations will get started off with a high energy anthem bringing back memories of 1980s pop culture with lead single "Gay Wedding," Miller's adaptation of the classic 1982 mega-hit, "White Wedding," by the iconic Billy Idol.

"Gay Wedding" speaks to both gays and lesbians who have fought for the right to marry and celebrate their love and devotion to each other in a fun, radio ready and club friendly format. In June, the Supreme Court is expected to overturn any remaining state bans on gay marriage, and the time to celebrate this important milestone in U.S. history is more important than ever.

"Blond Jesus," the album's controversial title, is sure to raise the eyebrows of people only looking on the surface. However, underneath listeners will quickly discover 11 dynamic rock, pop and dance tracks told with lyrics to inspire people worldwide to live the life of their dreams, accept and love who they are and those around them and to be exhilarated on this roller coaster of emotion. Debra Wilson from "MAD-TV" fame makes an inspired guest appearance on "Sweat & Testify," as does award winning singer-songwriter Kelly Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald also creates a haunting scare with Miller on "Witch Sisters Halloween." Other songs include the title track "Blond Jesus," "So Long Mr. Nice Guy," "Bouffants & Beehives," "I AM," "Memories That Time Forgot," "Unlike You, Numbers Game" and a hard rock inspired "Face Front."

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