Error at Petco Park


1 "Look ___, I'm Sandra Dee"

5 Stick it to

10 "South Park" composer Shaiman

14 Poke with your stick

15 Belle of Tara

16 Garfield's whipping boy

17 Ruination

18 Erotic artist Tom, et al.

19 Intensely bright star

20 Baseball team at Petco Park

23 Org. for pucking around?

24 Blockhead

25 Machine handle for cutting leaves of grass

26 Parting words

28 Actress Merrill

31 Sonny, to Chaz

32 Sally Ride's org.

33 Brian on skates

36 They recently sang for "Pride Night" at Petco Park

40 Some real dickless wonders

41 Chew on

43 Noise of the lambs

46 Untouchable leader

47 Bi suffix

48 Where husband and husband get on their knees

50 Drag queen's neckwear

52 Old Ford

53 A woman's voice was played over this as 36-Across sang it

58 Sphincter opening

59 Not straight up

60 Sale words

62 Easy partner

63 Single situation, to Billy Bean

64 Shakespeare's Hamlet, e.g.

65 Inquires

66 Like balls

67 Acronym for bears


1 Alert, briefly

2 Spur-of-the-moment condom source?

3 Da Vinci signature piece

4 James Dean's "East of ___ "

5 Bulgarian capital

6 One of the Village People

7 Initiated phone sex

8 Laszlo of skincare products

9 Flier with a stinging butt

10 Paper in gay Paree, with "le"

11 Had the hots for

12 Kahlo's husband

13 Cut out

21 Octave ends for Bernstein

22 Fictional Italian town

23 No to Rimbaud

27 Diggs of "Private Practice"

28 Frisbees, e.g.

29 Seven-year problem in a Monroe film

30 Discouraging words

33 Pasolini's well

34 Heavy burden

35 Sex party

37 Saki's real name

38 Top hat wearer

39 Workplace where you bust your balls

42 Got hitched

43 Condom wearer, in sex ed class

44 Gay marriage advocate Morissette

45 Tear into

47 Tin roof pussy of Tennessee

49 Media exec Roger

50 Painter Francis

51 Erect

54 Former queen of Jordan

55 In the year, to Nero

56 Place for Proust

57 "Mary ___ little lamb"

61 Sarah Jessica Parker's city activity

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