1 Opportunity for Glenn Burke

6 "Pirates of the Caribbean" locales

11 Cruising areas

15 Michael of "Miss Congeniality"

16 Time on the job

17 R.E.M. neck attachment

18 Alec Guinness play

19 South Pacific kingdom

20 Roughly

21 With 23-Across, documentary in which "Ben-Hur"'s gay subtext was revealed, with "The"

23 See 21-Across

25 Paul Simon's "Richard ___"

26 Lidded box in "Six Feet Under"

28 Convincing

30 Getty of "The Golden Girls"

34 Like a 90-pound weakling

35 Move barely

38 Hunter that comes out at night

39 Poet McKuen

40 With 55-Across, "Ben-Hur" actor unaware of the gay subtext

42 Solidly behind

43 "___ roll!" (winner's cry)

45 Just for laughs

46 Deity on "Xena"

47 Shakespearean sister

49 "The Queen" star Helen

51 Brought to an end

54 Irene of "Fame"

55 See 40-Across

58 Writer of the gay subtext

62 It comes out of your head

63 Nuts

65 St. Teresa's town

66 Maria's "do" equivalent

67 "American Idol" judge Paula

68 Source of gaiety?

69 Drops the curtain on

70 Like some porn

71 Rims


1 Current band of the past?

2 Actor Diggs

3 "Kinsey" director

4 Explanatory tool

5 One of the fruits of academic success

6 Comparison phrase

7 Like a tough guy

8 Evans of "Dynasty"

9 Wilde tongue, for short

10 Piles of pancakes

11 Vehicle for Teletubby Po

12 Patty Sheehan's average scores

13 Recess at St. Mary's?

14 "Chim-Chim-Cheree" residue

22 "Mulholland Drive" director David

24 Spoil the surprise

27 Nose feature

28 Former New York governor Mario

29 Chases behind

31 Interpreting your lover's kisses?

32 "Two Women" star

33 Mireille, whose name rhymes with "penis"

34 Nice Nellie

36 Suffix with southeast

37 Fairy's cousin

40 Menotti's middle name

41 Where Dick Button performed

44 Fruity juices

46 Came

48 Sea off Greece

50 Damage severely

52 "Great balls of fire!"

53 Cushion under your tush

55 Leather, essentially

56 Genie portrayer Barbara

57 It gets spilled at wild parties

59 Trust in, with "on"

60 Protected, to seamen

61 Barrie's Wendy, e.g.

64 Org. for sweaty men in shorts

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