Not Just Lip Service


1 Mary's pet

5 Tomlin and DeGeneres

9 Yellow-brick way

13 Like phone sex

14 To the ___ (how to play a pirate)

15 Garfield's sidekick

16 Hathaway of "Bride Wars"

17 Head output

18 Billy Elliot portrayer Jamie

19 Kate McKinnon said she is very uncomfortable with this

22 Bernstein's fifth

23 Bear necessity

24 Flow out

27 Kevin of "American Beauty"

30 Striped shirt wearer

33 Soft rock

35 "You want the light ___ off?"

36 Cinderella's coming-out party

37 Lot measurement

38 Rubberneck

39 "Modern Family" girl

40 But on the other hand... (with 58-Across)

43 Harbored ill will, with no grace

44 Monastery head

47 Homophobia and such

51 "Once Upon a Mattress" legume

52 1982 biopic with Ian Charleson

57 Right, to the ass

58 (See 40-Across)

61 Go down on a hill

62 Egyptian vipers

63 Historic Stonewall event

64 Business boss

65 Wear a lot of cologne, e.g.

66 Word used in dating


1 Mauna ___

2 River of da Vinci's land

3 "Death in Venice" author Thomas

4 Billie Holiday's "God ___ the Child"

5 Water therapy devices for 3 men in a tub

6 West Wing worker

7 Fox comedy with Jane Lynch

8 Get it up and get up?

9 Batman's buddy

10 Pindaric poems

11 Has an STD, e.g.

12 Penn. neighbor

20 Trig. ratio

21 F, in the orchestra pit

24 Vowel for Socrates

25 Adriatic seaport

26 Pleasured by mouth

28 Avoid going straight

29 "Harold and Maude" screenwriter Higgins

30 "Don't ___ On My Parade"

31 Cousin of Jethro and Jethrine

32 Emulate Earhart

34 Site for a queen of the Nile

36 Zorro was a gay one

41 "Take your mitts off!"

42 Beverage from the land of Nureyev

44 Forbidden fruit

45 Henri's boyfriends

46 Boat with a flat bottom

48 Another time

49 Short probe

50 Take care of

53 Out and then some

54 Org. closely watched by bears

55 411

56 Corn covering

59 Dick, for short

60 Title for a man who avoids sex with women

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