Albee Seeing You


1 Part of a strap on a stallion

6 Manger for Mary's boy

10 Rip off

15 Cut off from escape

16 Oscar-night transport

17 Frequent Scrabble companion of Q

18 Start of a quote by 44-Across

21 Common tater

22 Bearse of "Married ... with Children"

23 Sea bottom captain

24 Ironically-named burning software

26 Gregory Doran's partner Anthony

28 To do, to Debussy

30 One way to cook fruit

34 Doctoral hurdle

37 Emulated Neil Patrick Harris

38 Quaint sigh

39 Concerning one's coming out?

40 One blessed in a Billie Holiday song

41 More of the quote

42 Notre Dame coach Rockne

43 Member

44 Albee, who died September 16, 2016

46 Word with fruit or family

47 Liberace piece, perhaps

49 Dildo, e.g.

51 Crazy prank

56 End of the quote

62 Ballsy

63 Out and then some

64 Threesomes

66 Occasional cross-dresser comic Milton

67 Has to

68 Slowly, to Sondheim

69 Show of contempt

70 Guilty or not guilty, to Perry Mason

71 "A Room of One's Own," e.g.


1 Walk-way connector

2 Gather, after spilling one's seed

3 Balls for cannon, e.g.

4 Fairy-tale ball attendee

5 Bowie collaborator

6 Closemouthed type

7 Latvian capital

8 Bowie married her

9 Malcolm, who wrote the book in 11-Across

10 Beaver covering

11 Ministers who read "Are You Running With Me Jesus?"

12 Field of Woolf and Wilde

13 Warhol critic Greenberg

14 Chaplain Judge of the NYFD, e.g.

19 Eastern philosophy

20 1957 Broadway tune "Till There ___ You"

25 Sanford portrayer Foxx

27 Give a hoot

28 Nancy McKeon's " ___ of Life"

29 Cold explosion

30 Came out with

31 Winter break

32 Thompson of "Angels in America"

33 Rupert Everett's "Ready to ___ "

35 "See ya"

36 Cold shower

44 "___ On Down the Road"

45 Conn of "Grease"

48 Restraining rope

50 Joan of Lesbian Herstory Archives

52 Difficult position aftermath

53 Just plain bad

54 Moon position

55 Main line from the heart

56 Singer with wings

57 Internally pink

58 Lesbos, for one

59 Mardi ___

60 Goes on TV

61 It may put one in an awkward position

62 Tiny balls

65 It's used in fake meat

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As an openly gay man, Fred Hoffman said, "I really didn't know if there would be an issue." And while he wasn't waving rainbow flags when he was recruited by Chrysler in 1988, he was told being gay wasn't a problem.

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