The King of Queen


1 Opening

6 Dorian Gray creator Wilde

11 1996 VP candidate Jack

15 Pink, for one

16 "___ Family"

17 Former netman Nastase

18 White house without Obama

19 Party in Auden's land

20 Fruity drink

21 Start of a "confession"

24 Maxima maker

26 Like much of Shakespeare's verse

27 Blind rage

28 "The Name of the Rose" writer

29 Frasier brother

31 Use Fisher & Sons

33 Pride places

35 Actor Mineo

36 Police actions at Stonewall

38 End of the "confession"

41 Mardi Gras event

44 Head, slangily

45 Say whether you're coming

49 Banish from a flat

50 Frank behind the scenes

52 Benjamin Hoff's "The ___ of Pooh"

53 T. Perry's title

54 Rims

57 Pass on

59 Queen singer and source of the "confession"

62 Spy plane or rock band

63 Bridge bid, briefly

64 Goes down in defeat

67 Sexual partners, crudely

68 Kirsten of "Spider-Man"

69 LuPone Broadway role

70 Maker of some fruit-flavored ice cream

71 Rob of "Melrose Place"

72 Like a muscle Mary's abs


1 Ursula Le Guin's field, with "fi"

2 Dress (up)

3 "Bastard out of Carolina" author Dorothy

4 Inn offerings

5 Condom used at Southern Cal?

6 Mail carriers at Hogwarts

7 Strap for B&D in a car?

8 Conspiratorial groups

9 It arouses two body openings

10 "The Golden Girls" episode

11 Furry fruit

12 Brings out

13 Tower of Rumi's religion

14 They strip

22 Not in parts, to a gay men's choir

23 Drag queen's mini, e.g.

24 Composer Rorem

25 Dick Button's milieu

30 Bringing up the rear

32 Not even once, to Whitman

34 Risky business, briefly

36 "My kingdom for ___!" (bottom's cry?)

37 Authoritative rule

39 Did Rex Reed's job

40 Kind of

41 Scent for a fem

42 What straight guys did with their eyes in the shower room

43 Fall in

46 Doesn't come out

47 Alternate sp.

48 Honey holder

50 Rubber ___

51 Lucky charm

55 Computer part

56 Family group

58 City in the Osmonds' home state

60 Things to connect

61 Goes to seed

65 Hot time for Bertrand Delanoe

66 End of the definition

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