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Michigan MCRC 'Barred by the Attorney General from Taking Action'

At a meeting of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission in Lansing on Monday night, the commission voted 6-2 to table the request from Equality Michigan to issue a statement interpreting 'sex' in the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity. READ MORE.

National 3 Arrested During Ga. Tech Protests After Student Killed

The president of the Georgia Tech LGBT student group who was shot to death by campus police on Sept. 16 after allegedly wielding a knife, left three suicide notes shortly before an altercation with police, according to newly released information by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. READ MORE.

MI Marriage Trial Couple Succeeds in Love and in Business

"My parents support my marriage to LaShawn because she is an amazing person. They don't see us as a lesbian couple they see us as a family," - Towanna Peterson-Jackson READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
Rising Above

Activist Cleve Jones has lived an extraordinary life, filled with world-changing friends and figureheads from Harvey Milk to Dustin Lance Black.

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