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Features Q&A: Martha Stewart Talks '1860s' Approach to Equality, LGBT Weddings, How Gays 'Step Up Their Game' in Her Midst and Her 'Gay Sons'

You don't have to tell Martha Stewart that gay men love her like their own mother. The influential entrepreneur and domestic diva's deep-rooted connection to the LGBTQ community goes beyond special appearances on "Ugly Betty" and "Ellen," when she appeared as herself in a 1995 episode of the groundbreaking sitcom. Stewart, throughout her half-century-long career, has long embodied a quality near and dear to the queer community: perfection. After all, before "live your best life" was a meme, it was Stewart's honed methodology. READ MORE.

Author Scott Stabile Spreads As Much Love as Possible

Scott Stabile is an up and coming author based in Michigan where he lives with his partner. A passionate speaker and love advocate, Scott runs daylong empowerment workshops nationally and internationally. BTL recently spoke to him about his new book, titled "Big Love: The Power of Living With a Wide-Open Heart." READ MORE.

Q&A: Richard Jenkins on How 'Shape of Water' Could Be Called 'Love Is Love,' Gay Roles & Why He Can't Stop Thinking About 'Six Feet Under'

As Giles, Richard Jenkins exudes a great deal of warmth playing a closeted '60s-era gay man longing for a romantic connection in Guillermo del Toro's timely cautionary tale "The Shape of Water." But cordiality comes natural to the "Six Feet Under" alum, who unforgettably portrayed the Fishers' apparitional patriarch, Nathaniel, on HBO's life-affirming dramedy about death from 2001-2005. READ MORE.

The Frivolist: Whoopie Whoopsies: 5 Perilous Places to Have Sex

Your bedroom may not be the most adventurous or appealing place to have sex, but at least it's safe - unlike these five sought-after lovemaking destinations. READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
'A Light at the End of the Tunnel'

With effective biomedical interventions, but no cure, Michigan leaders believe the end of HIV could come as soon as in a decade.

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