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Features Mariah, Shania, Taylor: 9 Acts to See During the Next Year's Very Gay Concert Lineup

Welcome to the gayest concert year of your life. For instance, if all you want for Christmas is a healthy dose of divadom wrapped in high notes and vocal ad-libs, you're in luck: the always-festive Mariah Carey is decking the halls of venues across the world on her first-ever Christmas tour. But now through 2018, other acts queers go crazy for, like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Shania Twain, P!NK and Lady Gaga, are also heading to a venue nearish you (if they already have, perhaps it's time for a road trip?), as they take their respective new projects on the road. READ MORE.

Music Pink, Kesha, Beyonce: 11 Songs to Keep You Calm, Collected and Engaged In Our Current Political Climate

So, next time you find yourself falling down the dark, divisive abyss of state-of-the-world despair, crank up one of these pick-me-ups - from Pink's new rally cry "What About Us" to Miguel's powerful Black Lives Matter anthem - and pull yourself up and out. We need you. READ MORE.

Kesha's Empowering 'Rainbow' Is the Queer Album the World Needs Right Now

Don't be surprised if Kesha needed "Rainbow," her first album since 2012's "Warrior," as much as the queer kids questioning their place in this mad, queer-resistant world do. Her comeback album's soaring first single, "Praying," finds light at the end of the long, turbulent tunnel the resilient pop star occupied for too long before reaching a point - beyond her much-publicized legal battles with producer Dr. Luke, beyond her booze-heavy factory pop - where she could finally say, "The best is yet to come." READ MORE.

Puzzles Hear Me Out: Katy Perry, Lorde

Katy Perry, Lorde, The Secret Sisters, London Grammar READ MORE.

Music Hear Me Out: Mary J. Blige, Betty Who

Mary J. Blige, Betty Who, Leela James, and Sheryl Crow READ MORE.

Hear Me Out: Ryan Adams, LeAnn Rimes

Ryan Adams, LeAnn Rimes, Reba McEntire, and Vanessa Carlton READ MORE.

Special Section: World AIDS Day
'A Light at the End of the Tunnel'

With effective biomedical interventions, but no cure, Michigan leaders believe the end of HIV could come as soon as in a decade.

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