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Michigan 3 Arrested During Ga. Tech Protests After Student Killed

The president of the Georgia Tech LGBT student group who was shot to death by campus police on Sept. 16 after allegedly wielding a knife, left three suicide notes shortly before an altercation with police, according to newly released information by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. READ MORE.

Mattis: Trans Troops Can Re-Enlist in Armed Forces - For Now

Faced with President Trump's task of implementing a ban on their service, Defense Secretary James Mattis has issued a memo allowing transgender troops currently in the military to re-enlist - at least during the six-month period when Pentagon studies the issue. READ MORE.

Remembering Edith Windsor: Stories of Meeting the LGBT Pioneer

Edith Windsor, a hero of the marriage equality movement who died this week at age 88, not only achieved a significant victory at the Supreme Court, but inspired many in the LGBT community. READ MORE.

Senate Blocks Vote on Gillibrand Amendment to Protect Trans Troops

Despite bipartisan support, an amendment proposed by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) that would have undermined President Trump's ban on transgender military service won't get a vote in the U.S. Senate, the Washington Blade has learned. READ MORE.

National Court Weighs First Amendment Challenge to Ohio HIV Assault Law

Thirty-four states including Missouri and Ohio have HIV-specific assault laws, according to the New York-based Center for HIV Law and Policy. READ MORE.

Michigan Trump Admin Comes Out Against Amendment Protecting Trans Troops

The Trump administration has come out against an amendment proposed by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) that would undermine President Trump's ban on transgender people in the U.S. armed forces. READ MORE.

Edith Windsor, Lesbian Activist Who Took Down DOMA, Dead at 88

Edith Windsor, a lesbian activist who was a pioneer for LGBT rights and brought down the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act, died Tuesday at age 88. READ MORE.

Sen. Gillibrand Files Amendment Against Trump's Trans Military Ban

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) filed an amendment Monday before the U.S. Senate that would undermine President Trump's ban on transgender military service and could see a vote as soon as this week. READ MORE.

AIDS Conference Organizers Create $1 Million Hurricane Relief Fund

Organizers of the U.S. Conference on AIDS on Thursday announced the creation of a $1 million fund to help HIV/AIDS service organizations in areas impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. READ MORE.

Fauci: More Resources Needed to End Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases at the National Institutes of Health on Saturday said more resources need to be devoted to ending the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. READ MORE.

John Ashbery, Celebrated and Challenging Poet, Dies at 90

John Ashbery, an enigmatic genius of modern poetry whose energy, daring and boundless command of language raised American verse to brilliant and baffling heights, died early Sunday at age 90. READ MORE.

Lawmakers Planning Ways to Block Trump's Trans Military Ban

Now that Congress has returned from August recess, lawmakers are in discussions about a legislative response to thwart President Trump's ban on transgender military service, according to Capitol Hill sources and LGBT advocates who spoke to the Washington Blade on condition of anonymity. READ MORE.

Pelosi: Trump Budget Would Hurt People with HIV/AIDS

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday said President Trump's proposed budget for the 2018 fiscal year would adversely impact people with HIV/AIDS. READ MORE.

DOJ Argues Before Supreme Court for Baker who Refused to Serve Gays

The U.S. Justice Department has voluntarily weighed in on a case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court in favor of a Colorado bakery asserting a First Amendment right to deny wedding cakes to same-sex couples. READ MORE.

Lawsuit Seeking Gay Protections Under Title VII Reaches Supreme Court

The question of whether lesbian, gay and bisexual people are covered under current federal civil rights law has reached the U.S. Supreme Court - where a nationwide ruling would clarify anti-gay workplace discrimination is illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. READ MORE.

LGBT Immigrants Among DREAMers Facing Uncertainty

In the aftermath of President Trump's decision to nix an Obama-era immigration program allowing young, undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States, Tony Choi doesn't know his fate - but realizes one possibility is he'll be deported to South Korea. READ MORE.

More Women's Colleges Open Doors to Transgender Students

This week, Ninotska Love will become one of the first transgender women to attend Wellesley in the school's 147-year history. READ MORE.

National Trump Administration to End DACA

The Trump administration on Tuesday announced it will rescind a program that has allowed roughly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants to remain in the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the announcement about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program at the Justice Department. READ MORE.

Michigan Trump Names Gay Nominee as U.S. Ambassador to Germany

President Trump made one of his last acts before the Labor Day weekend nominating foreign policy expert Ric Grenell as U.S. ambassador to Germany, the first openly gay major appointment of the current administration. READ MORE.

National Groups Warn Trans Ban is Real

Does the Trump memo's "sufficient basis" clause and Mattis' "leaving it up to me" claim signal any likelihood that the Trump administration might not go through with the proposed ban on transgender service members?LGBT activists say 'No way!' And they are alarmed that some major news outlets have suggested that Mattis' remarks constitute a "freeze" on Trump's directive or that he might advise the president to withdraw the order to ban. READ MORE.

Michigan Court Asked for 'Immediate Intervention' to Block Trans Military Ban

LGBT legal groups are seeking "immediate intervention" from a federal court to block President Trump's ban on transgender military service as litigation moves forward. READ MORE.

National Congresswoman Alma Adams Introduces LGBTQ Youth Sexual Health Education Legislation

Congresswoman Alma Adams (D-NC) announces the introduction of the Youth Access to Sexual Health Services (YASHS) Act. READ MORE.

Michigan Defense Sec. Mattis Says Current Trans Policy Remains in Place Until Panel Makes Recommendations

Despite clear communication from Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, saying they did not need nor welcome a major change in the military's current personnel policy allowing open transgender military service -- last Friday, President Trump issued a directive to study and implement how to end trans service. READ MORE.

143 Dems to Trump: Reconsider the 'Indefensible' Trans Military Ban

In the wake of President Trump making good on his pledge to ban transgender people from the U.S. military, 143 House Democrats led by Rep. A. Donald McEachin (D-Va.) are calling on him to "reconsider the ill-advised and indefensible policy." READ MORE.

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